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Откуда у народа формируется ненависть к богатым?

as "Titanic" and other Blockbusters cause a desire to be poor ...

Author: Gage, Randy (Gage, Randy) Posted: 2010-07-26

Perhaps you saw the movie "Titanic" (if not, then you a rare instance). In fact, speaking in the context we are discussing the theme, this film is the most dangerous of all ever released.

Why? Yes, because he appeals to based on fear, feelings of inadequacy and limitations of various representations of the majority of people with money and success. "Titanic" at different levels introduces into your consciousness like a setup: «Being poor noble», «Rich people are immoral," "Money - it's evil." And the more you liked this movie, the more successfully implement this subconscious programming. Personally, I think that this is the most harmful film in the history of cinema.

«Oh you, Gage, - you might say. - It's just a love story. This movie! We know that everything here is made up. " But let see this film as I usually watch movies.

In the beginning we see the carefree adventurer, Jack. Why was he so unconcerned? Because the poor. He gets on the ship because it won a ticket to the card, right?

So, first lesson , which we derive from what he saw: poor people careless and happy. Just think about all the problems that spoil the lives of rich people! What happens if I get sick butler? What if someone hijack a Rolls Royce? Do you know what today is maintenance of the helicopter?

Then we see Rose and she is clearly unhappy. Why? Because I have to marry a boring rich small. If you remember, her mother convinces her to go for it for the sake of family welfare. That second conclusion , which we do (certainly unconsciously): money are forced to sell his soul and sacrifice his own happiness.

As the story progresses, we see yet another eloquent scene - Rose dines at the restaurant first class. It is surrounded by all these boring rich hypocrites, who sip brandy, smoke cigars and are empty conversation about the game of polo and other incredible nonsense. There is a scene in which the mother slaps on the hand his little daughter, who does not know how to use the underlying eleventh on the left fork for oysters (okay, here I am exaggerating a bit).

And then there Jack and Rose says: "Let's go down to the third cabin class, and I'll show you how to have fun! ". in the next shot we see poor people, who, of course, singing songs, dancing and having fun, thus showing how they are easier and more fun than the boring, stiff and nasty rich people.

What is here is the subconscious programming? Rich people are boring, with poor people is very fun and interesting, so if you want to merge with the "people" and become his own (which is what most people wanted all his life, from childhood), it is better to be poor.

Then the ship encountered the iceberg ...

The rich are trying to get into the lifeboats deception or through bribery. Rich Rose, even the groom takes some baby from the hands of the mother to quickly turn the boat ( remember - topic , causing emotions associated with children who have special powers. Just imagine the power of their subconscious reactions to it, like a rich man, an egoist takes away from the child's mother, to save his own skin!).

We see how the rich people in the boats sail to the horizon, while the poor
mob behind bars on the lower deck flooded with water. We see a brave poor woman who soothes her children, telling them about how they now go to the bottom and will sing hymns, until the sink. Oh, sorry, I'm now going to be sick!

Let scrolling tape and look at the end of the film: Rose are now about 180 years, and her granddaughter, a poor working hard, and cares about this old purse. In a Rose necklace worth 40 million dollars, which she could give her granddaughter, to facilitate her life. And she does what?

She feeds the treasure sharks!

level after level, this film subliminally convince you that money - it's bad rich people - is evil, and poverty - it's good, it elevates. But nothing could be further from the truth than this statement.

«Well, let's say - say you. - But this is only one movie. "

Only one? Well, let's look at a few box office hits. Take, for example, "Spider-Man." In the first movie This epic who was the main villain? billionaire. way, but in the "Magic Quartet", "strange" and nearly every James Bond film Who's the villain? Some rich man. But back to our multilegged hero.

Remember how poor Peter Parker finally met the girl who lived next door, which had long been secretly in love? They both came in at the same time to throw out the garbage, their eyes met, she spoke to Peter, and a spark flashed between them. What happens next?

A young man arrives at their house on a brand new car, which he gave as a birthday rich and poor dad. The girl squeals from pleasure, throw garbage and Peter jumps in the car - and she goes, leaving Peter alone, ridiculed, and regretfully. Do you think that any opinion about the rich people formed in your subconscious?

The film even has an episode in which Uncle Peter utters the most famous phrase in defense "Honest poverty»:

Maybe we are not rich, but we at least are honest people.

Heard you ever something like this? What does this mean really?

Let me translate: «Hail to the fact that you are poor. This means that you are an honest, honorable, good man, because all rich people - liars, traitors and thieves. "

Here's how what you have heard from parents or teachers at the age of ten, can influence on your beliefs 20, 30 and even 40 years later. When you are young and receptive, what say you people have for you the authority, makes an indelible impression on you.

Why Peter brings his uncle? Because he is an orphan. Remember - the most effective themes cause strong emotions and relate to children. Who are capable of stronger touch your heart, than the poor little orphan? Therefore, the "Spider-Man and the orphan. Actually, like Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Harry Potter. Kids from boxcar, Lemony Snicket, etc. - they are all orphans.

feel the trend?

Perhaps you begin to suspect that all writers are in conspiracy trying to manipulate your mind. It is not so, simply they are infected with the same themes as the rest of mankind, and not even suspect that helps them multiply.

Like the first movie, "Spider-Man 2" is replete with various means of subconscious programming, reinforcing effect negative viruses of the mind (which, ironically, gives him a good box office worldwide). In it, we again meet a nice aunt of Peter, which he raised. The fact that it is nice, says the fact, that greedy bankers trying to evict her from her home.

In this film, Peter loses his job Pizza peddler because delayed delivery of the order, stopping to rescue two kids, who almost moved the truck. This episode of "feeds" the notion that honorable people can sacrifice their own well-being for others (and this promotes the creation of new negative and destructive situations, because to demonstrate their generosity in our lives is definitely not enough!). For completeness, heartless boss Peter is a native of eastern India, which, in turn, enhances the action of the theme, we see that all these grabbers workers selected a good job at honest and hardworking Americans.

course, "Spider-Man 1" ends on what our hero says his only love, that they can never be together, and then goes alone into the sunset, filled with unconditional love. He made his choice, he sacrificed his personal happiness, to serve the people and fight the forces of evil.

In "Spider-Man 2" a girl behaves more aggressively, demanding that Peter has made her an honest woman. And again before our hero's dilemma - to arrange personal happiness or strangle villains network. And then he asked my aunt (who now lays on its veshchichki street), what to do. She tells him that is in the world such wonderful people - people who have sacrificed everything they hold dear, for the happiness of others. Not true, it is wonderful?

What the shit dog!?

Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong and all the other film companies the world learned that lesson well. more film corresponds to the beliefs of the viewer, the more likely that he will like it. And of course, all this applies not only to movie studios ...

Television as a crime in this sense - and far more dangerous for your health, happiness and prosperity, because that is what you are being exposed more often than affected by other media.

Remember, as shown in the "blue screen" millionaires and billionaires. The basic idea of \u200b\u200bserials like "redneck from Beverly Hills," is that rich people - pompous clowns and snobs, a poor one and all - kind and sensible. Remember that ridiculous millionaire with a pretentious name of "Gilligan Island"? And remember the episode «MASH» - perhaps not always in the tent turned out to be some rich man, who listened to opera, acted like an idiot and generally complicate the lives of the good guys? Remember all those lying, adulterous, scheming rich soap opera "Dallas," "Dynasty" and the like. All the same tune played over and over again.

The irony is, that people who vparivayut you this stuff, have themselves become very rich: James Cameron has earned $ 200 million "Titanic" movie, to tell the world about the nobility of poverty!

However, a reservation - there was no conspiracy to support your poverty. People involved in the process of making such those usually do not know what they do: the writers are turning to the classics, to find win-win options. Programming cycle is not interrupted, and as a result required beliefs are fixed in the public consciousness .

(Excerpted from Randy Gage, "Why you stupid, sick and poor ... and how to become smart, healthy and rich! »)


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