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Snacks For Diabetics With Nut Allergies

Молочный чертополох (Расторопша пятнистая) Что говорит о расторопше наука?

Liver - a factory to clean up the body. It flows through a vast amount of frightful poisons. If these poisons is too much, the liver cells are destroyed, the liver begins to function worse and eventually it stops working altogether. But even if you're like most Americans, do not worry too much about your liver, you would be worth thinking about.

on your liver affect all the poisons of modern civilization - pesticides, exhaust fumes and other air pollutants, various medications and alcohol. All of these can suddenly cause severe liver damage. Indeed, 80% of all liver diseases in the West due to alcohol. Even in moderate drinkers suffering from liver are often obese, and that says a beginning disease. Damaged liver as almost traditional medicine not a cure. That's what it offers: powerful steroids and immunosuppressants, as well as a last resort - a liver transplant.

That is why, if you drink more alcohol than they should, taking medication, which can damage the liver, such as drugs that reduce blood cholesterol levels, acetaminophen and antidepressants, using pesticides or your work is connected with such substances as carbon tetrachloride, as well as in the case, if You already have signs of impaired liver function, you need to know about the existence of strange vehicles - seeds of the plant under the name of milk thistle, or thistle. This plant is able to stop the constant "bombardment" of your body with toxic substances.

In Europe, milk thistle enjoys great attention and respect, and people carefully guard their livers in all possible ways. Milk from them - a popular herbal remedy be taken during illness. It was verified serious scientific studies that prove that it actually prevents and cures liver damage, restores the cells and tissues. Almost all of these studies were conducted in Germany, where milk thistle approved by the government as a additional therapeutic agent in chronic inflammatory processes and cirrhosis.

Milk may prevent the destruction of the liver due to the dangers that is modern civilization, and therefore deserves serious attention.

liver, being the main ochischayuschim body, plays a vital role in maintaining our health. Milk thistle is used for millennia to treat the liver. It contains a natural substance silymarin - a mixture of glycosides (silybin, silidianin, silihristin), which primarily helps the liver to carry out detoxification function, including by raising level of antioxidant defense (increased content of superoxide dismutase and glyutationperoksidazy). It is obvious that all of the above properties put drugs rastopshi on a par with drugs, when it comes to acute or chronic liver disease and even cirrhosis.

Silymarin has not only anti-oxidant properties, but also affects the liver, yet in two ways: firstly, it strengthens cell membranes, and secondly, facilitates the formation of new cells, stimulates protein synthesis. As a result of increased production of bile. If the liver is functioning properly, then maintained and the entire immune system of the body. This also applies to anti-cancer protection of the organism, especially when it comes to gormonalnozavisimyh tumors. It is therefore recommended taking milk thistle for the prevention of diseases of female reproductive organs.

Many phytotherapeutist used this herb for psoriasis, the periods exacerbation is clearly associated with deterioration of liver function. Simpler dermatological problems in the form of various skin lesions (irritation skin), may be the first symptoms of liver dysfunction.

Finally, milk thistle is beneficial for digestion, because a sufficient number of bile ensures complete digestion of fats and optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

that said thistle science?

In the 70 years of German researchers from the University of Munich have confirmed milk thistle's reputation as a folk remedy for liver diseases. They identified in seeds and fruits of this plant are the active pharmacological agents, and even described how they cope with dangers to the liver poisons. A number of studies they used the active ingredient slowly, gradually destroys the liver for 130 days, 100% of rats. However, if the animals were given simultaneously with the poison milk thistle, as much as 70% of them survived!

have since been held for more than 200 experimental and clinical studies that show that milk thistle - an effective remedy for various diseases, including fatty liver, often occurring even in moderate drinkers, acute and chronic hepatitis, damage liver of different drugs and even cirrhosis at later stages, which is usually unavoidable and practically can not be cured by any conventional medications.

One large study conducted in Germany in 1992, found that milk thistle has brought great benefit to 2,637 patients with diseases liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. After eight weeks of daily administration of standard capsules of milk thistle 63% of the subjects reported the disappearance of symptoms (nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal distention). Laboratory tests have confirmed that the content of liver enzymes (their higher content in the blood indicates of liver disease) declined significantly - by 46%. Moreover, an enlarged liver in 27% of cases recovered to normal size, and in 56% - decreased sharply to normal.

researchers and scientists have developed many useful medicines
and techniques for the treatment and prevention of liver disease.

I suggest to You are relatively cheap but very effective method of preventing a healthy liver and vostonavlenie patient.

What is the procedure?

Many Required treatment or prevention of liver with admission of any preporatov on how to reset the normal functioning of the body.

I recommend starting preventive treatment of the liver, primarily with the treatment of liver parasites.

The outer shell of the liver and nutri often presence of the parasite, which release their toxins destroy the liver, just eat them, destroying cells and the liver was converted into a sponge.

Without external intervention to withdraw these parasites is not possible. Yes, and diagnostics, such diseases requires special techniques and equipment.

your Required Various drugs and medicines on how to reset the liver is not paying attention to this very significant and important fact.

What good from all these preparations, if the parasites in your liver continues to live shit and their wastes (toxins) by destroying the liver, but you at this time to stuff a world-class products for the treatment and prevention of liver health ????? Temporary relief? Do not be fooled ...

Alas, dropped on Wind money. Tomorrow will repeat all over again ...

What ? What to do?

exit is, it HOLY TEA , comparatively very cheap Product (60 rubles. RF / day). I do not plead the merits of other products of other companies, but TEA HOLY , there are a number of its Advantages. Most importantly, environmentally friendly and 5 plants comprising TEA . Herbs podobranny such a way that would most effectively influence the body.

Holy Tea Dr. Miller - developed by Dr. Bill Miller (Jackson, Tennessee, USA)

recommend to eat and stay healthy!

And how you treat your liver? What do you support your health?
I would be very grateful if the pages Blog will your recommendations can just your methods and advice to someone can help ...


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