Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cough And Sore Throat During My Period

Изыйди, токсин!

In today's world there are many ways that toxins get into our body. The trick is to remove these toxins from the body with the same speed or even faster than they go penetrate. At the same time extremely important to find a harmless method of deriving the toxins that together with the "waste" does not inadvertently get rid of what we still might be useful.

We are constantly are exposed to chemicals that are in our food, drinks, and even the air we breathe. Bentonite, benzene, benzoic acid, butyl, butiloksitoluol, bronopol and butylparaben - all this, perhaps, unfamiliar to us terms, but they refer to toxic substances in cosmetics, food and cleaning means that we use almost daily.

Of course, our body copes quite well with the withdrawal of harmful chemicals. "Rubbish" is filtered excretory system through the kidneys, liver, and sweating. Problems arise when these systems are a natural cleansing can not cope with the ever-increasing rate of penetration of toxins into the body. It was then that starts the digestive disorders and respiratory diseases and other diseases.

Fortunately, we can help our natural systems to cope with toxic overload several ways:

1. Temporary change of diet (Diet).

Most people change their diet, either temporarily or for an extended period of time in an attempt to cleanse the system of the body. And this is understandable, since many accumulated toxins enter our body is from food. Even natural foods such as fruits and vegetables today contain, among other things, pesticides, herbicides and artificial hormones.

Most cleansing diet consists of fasting, consumption of large quantities of pure liquids (water) and vegetables. However, such a diet is appropriate, limited period of time. Many of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed for health, for cleaning diets lost, and the body needs to fill them.

2. Herbal wraps.

clay, salt, water and other ingredients often used for the procedure, which is known as detox wrap. The idea is that the salts contained in the clay and algae, in wrapping pull Leather water in which dissolved poisons. After this procedure, it is very important to drink as much pure water to replenish the water washed from the body.

3. Use of special herbal dietary supplements.

Increase certain vitamins, antioxidants and minerals can improve work your body. As a result of changes in the chemical composition of the organism - the removal of toxins from the waste of life.

However, before start taking herbal supplements, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the process as a whole. Before starting the detoxification program will not prevent consultation doctor.

4. Special programs purification.
Many spas offer a ready-made programs designed to clean the tissues of toxins. They are very different, but the majority - the variation of the daily regime, including enemas, liquid nutritional supplements and cleansing drinks. Procedures repeated sequences within a week or more. An indispensable condition that affects the efficiency of this method is elimination of toxins - known share the commitment and impact.

5. Regular visits to the sauna.

Sauna - perhaps the most pleasant method of detoxification. Toxins are derived primarily way through the excretory system, and specifically - when sweating. Since then displayed a surprisingly large number of cellular fluid (fluid contained within the cells of the body), in which the "canned" the majority of toxins. In addition, over time, the sauna is no longer perceived as a medical procedure and is just enjoyable, anxiously anticipated vacation.

All of the above methods of detoxification work in varying degrees and carry the advantages and disadvantages. Definitely can only say that the most effective method - is the one to which the suit very seriously. This can be compared with a set of exercises, many of which may be effective to use, but none will bring the desired result, unless you are a considerable period of time.

Based on materials from the site http://www.bathe.ru/

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