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accidentally stumbled upon this article, "The bread which kill us", in its subscription to the group subscribe "Health without doctors and drugs" and decided it to share with you. It fully explains everything we know about this with your health.

Our forefathers said: "Bread - God's Gift." But they baked it does not thermophilic yeasts. These yeasts have appeared before the war. Scientists who have studied the issue, met in the Lenin Library to sources from Hitler's Germany, which stated that the yeast is grown on the human bones that if Russia did not die in war, then it will die from yeast. Our specialists are not allowed to make references to the sources, copy them. The documents were secret ...

So if thermophilic yeast appeared recently, with the help of which baked leavened bread in ancient times and in the recent past? Famous peasant sourdough prepared from rye flour, straw, oats, barley, wheat . Until now, in remote villages remained recipes for bread without yeast today. Such enriched yeast organism with organic acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, pectin, biostimulants.

Baking bread in a traditional kitchen was a sort of ritual. The secret of cooking passed down from generation to generation. Almost every family had your recipe. Cooked bread about once a week at different starter: rye, oats. While the bread gets tough, but the use of untreated rye flour helped to preserve it for all nutrients contained in grains. And when baking bread in a Russian stove acquired taste and an unforgettable flavor. This bread is not zacherstveet and moldy and in a year.

But for decades the bread bake differently. And it does not use natural ferment, and invented by man thermophilic yeast , saccharomyces. technology of their preparation - a monstrous, antiprirodnaya. Production baker's yeast is based on breeding them in liquid media. Molasses is diluted with water, treated with chloride of lime and acidified with sulfuric acid etc. Strange methods admittedly used to prepare the food, besides, if we consider that in nature there are natural yeasts, hop, for example, malt, etc.

long since sounded the alarm, scientists around the world. The mechanisms of the negative impact of thermophilic yeasts in the body. see what thermophilic yeast Saccharomyces, and what role they play in the deterioration of health of those who consume food prepared with their application.

Yeast Saccharomyces (yeast, thermophilic), species which are used in the alcohol industry, brewing and bakery, in nature do not occur. Saccharomyces , unfortunately, are more resistant than tissue cells. They do not break either during cooking, no saliva in humans. Yeast killer cells, killer cells kill sensitive, less-protected cells in the body by providing them toxic substances of small molecular weight.

Toxic protein acts at the plasma membrane, increasing their permeability to pathogens and viruses. Yeast cells come first in the digestive tract, and then into the bloodstream. Thermophilic yeasts multiply in the body in a geometric progression and allow pathogenic microflora actively live and multiply, by inhibiting the normal microflora, which in the gut may produce with proper nutrition and vitamins, and essential amino acids. Grossly violated the activities of all digestive organs: stomach, pancreas cancer, gall bladder, liver, intestines.

stomach from the inside is covered with a special mucous membrane, resistant to acid. However, if a person is abusing yeast products, and acid-forming foods, the stomach can not long resist it. Scorch will lead to ulceration, pain, and this will be circulated symptom as heartburn.

use in food products prepared on the basis of thermophilic yeast , promotes the formation of clots, sand, and then the stones in the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, constipation and the formation of tumors . The intestines grow the processes of decay, evolving pathogenic microflora, traumatic brush border. Slows down the mass evacuation of toxic from the body, a gas pocket, where stagnate fecal stones. Gradually they grow into mucous membranes and submucosal layers of the intestine. The secret to digestive organs lose their protective function and reduces the digestion. Insufficiently digested and synthesized vitamins are not digested in due measure trace elements and most important of them - calcium.

Doctors with regrets critical decrease in blood calcium levels in children. If earlier it was 12.9 units (normal), but now is less than 3! Pathogens penetrate through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream. Microbial, fungal, viral, parasitic flora easily introduced into the body. Violated by metabolic processes at the cellular level. Changes the biochemical composition of blood. In blood plasma there Tina. Slows the movement of blood through the vessels, formed microthrombi. Wears the lymphatic system. Nervous tissue undergoes various degenerative changes.

Another serious condition - acidosis , disturbance of acid-base balance. Growing fatigue, irritability, there are rapid physical and mental fatigue, nausea, bitter taste mouth, white patches on the tongue, gastritis, dark circles under the eyes, pain in the muscles from the excess acid, loss of elasticity of the muscles. The body is struggling with acidosis, spending a lot of energy to restore acid-alkaline balance by itself, strongly alkaline reserve wasting important: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium. Withdrawal of alkaline mineral elements from the bones inevitably leads to painful fragility, which is one of the main reasons osteoporosis at any age.

Finally, anatomical disorders. In a normal heart and lungs and deeper organs - stomach, liver and pancreas Iron is a powerful massaging energy incentives from the diaphragm, which is the main respiratory muscle, soars to the 4 th and 5 th intercostal space. When yeast fermentation of the diaphragm does not reach the desired volume of oscillatory motion, took a forced position, the heart is horizontal, the lower fraction of light squeezed, all the digestive organs squeezed extremely bloated gas, deformed intestine. Often the gallbladder leaves his bed, changing even shape. Normally, the diaphragm, making oscillating movements, helps create the suction pressure in the chest, which pulls blood from the upper and lower extremities and head for cleansing the lungs. When limiting its excursion process does not properly occur.

All this together contributes to stagnation in the rise of the lower extremities, small pelvis, head and leads eventually to varicose veins, thrombosis, trophic ulcers and to further reduce immunity.

worthy of attention the experience of the French scientist Etienne Wolff. He spent 37 months cultivating a malignant tumor in vitro with a solution, which was an extract of fermenting yeast. At the same time, 16 months, was cultivated under the same conditions in isolation with living tissue, swelling of the intestines. The experiment revealed that in such a solution tumor size double and triple in one week. But once removed from the solution extract, the tumor was dying. It was concluded that yeast extract contains a substance that stimulates growth cancers (Izvestia).

impossible to ignore the following question. Where did the flour from whole grains, from which our ancestors baked bread? Only whole-wheat flour contains B vitamins, micro and macro, and the embryo, which has a fantastic healing properties. Refined flour and devoid of a nucleus and membrane. Instead of these, created by nature, medicinal parts of the grain into flour is added all kinds of food additives, chemical means by proxy, which will never be able to fulfill what has been created by nature itself.

Refined flour becomes blennogenic product, which falls a lump at the bottom of the stomach and zashlakovyvaet our body. Refining - the process expensive, costly, thus killing the manpower grain. And he only needed to as long as possible to keep the flour from spoiling. Flour, whole can not be stored for a long time, but that is not required. Let the stored grain, and from it as needed can be prepared flour.

To restore the health of the nation, need to go back to baking bread with yeast existing in nature itself, in hops, malt. sourdough bread on the hop contains all the essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins Bl, B7, RR; minerals: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and trace minerals: gold, cobalt, copper, which are involved in the formation of unique respiratory enzymes.

apparently accidental called golden ears of corn. Sourdough bread on the hop sokogonny gives the maximum effect ie, the active extracts from the pancreas, liver, gallbladder and other enzymes needed for good digestive substances improving intestinal motility. A person who uses this bread, filled with energy, stop having colds, he straightens posture, restores immunity.

information about the dangers of the use of bread from the baker's yeast is slowly but surely enters into the consciousness of people. Many bake your own bread. Begin to open a mini-bakery. This nedrozhzhevoy bread until the roads, but disappears instantly. Needs outstrip supply.

In Ryazan, the new scheme started operate a bakery, a similar production there in Noginsk. Everything is new - well forgotten old ...

Alternative recipes

unleavened bread

1. Method of preparation of unleavened bread (pita bread) at home. Ingredients: 1 cup of water, 2.5 cups flour, 1.5 teaspoon salt (or to taste). In water, stir salt. Trickle slowly pour the flour into salted water. Knead the dough. The test then let stand (rest) for 20-30 minutes. Heat the pan. Thinly unroll cake. Dries the cake a few seconds on a hot skillet. A total of 10.12 tortillas. Ready-made cakes must be sprinkled with water (You can of spray household), otherwise they will be crispy. Keep tortillas better in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 3 days.

2. Bread from germinated wheat grains. Wet, germinated wheat grain is pressed into pellets and then dried in the sun, can be on the hot stone.

3. Fresh bread and rolls on mineral water. This is the most economical way, it is simple and accessible to everyone. Sparkling water can be prepared in the siphon or buy any alkaline mineral water. Sift flour calcined. Dilute with mineral water. To form a cake or cookies. Put them in a preheated oven.

4. Homemade yeast. Take 100-200 grams of raisins, washed with warm water, placed in a bottle with a wide neck, pour warm water, add a little sugar fasten the top 4 layers of gauze in and put in a warm place. At the 4-day 5 fermentation begins, and we can put the dough. It should be fragrant and sour.

5. Yeast from dry hops. Pour hop hot water (1:2) and boiled in a saucepan. If hops pops up, drown it in water with a spoon. When the water evaporates so that the broth left half of the original, it is expressing. In ostyvshem warm broth is dissolved sugar (1 tbsp. Tablespoon to 1 cup of broth), mix with flour (0.5 cups flour for 1 cup of broth). Then the yeast is put in a warm place in two days for fermentation. Ready yeast bottled, sealed and stored in a cool place. For the preparation of 2-3 kg of grain to 0.5 cups of yeast.

6. Yeast from fresh hops. In an enamel saucepan tightly laying fresh hops, pour with hot water and boil for about 1 hour, partially covered. Then the broth cool a bit and pour salt, sah. sand and 2 cups flour incomplete. Vymeshivayut mass until smooth, put in heat for 36 hours, then rubbed a couple of peeled boiled potatoes, mixed with yeast and again give a stroll on a warm day. Ready yeast is poured into the bottle and tightly stoppered. Consumption of yeast - a quarter cup per pound of flour.

7. Malt yeast. Does not interfere with recall that malt - it germinated in the warmth and moisture cereal grains, dried and coarsely, ground. 1 cup of flour and 0.5 cups sah. throw sand in 5 cups water, add 3 cups malt and boil for about 1 hour. Cooled, still warm solution is poured into bottles, cover loosely with traffic jams and at night put in a warm place, and then in the cold. Consumption of these yeasts in the preparation of bread, such as yeast and the dry hops.

"leavened bread"

yummy, soft but with a crisp crisp, well-kept for a long time does not get stale, and most importantly, cooked without yeast and with their hands to their loved ones. The recipe is taken from the transfer of "Our Daily Bread" prof. Zhdanov, who recommended this bread, and showed how to make an Orthodox priest.

1) sourdough bread

Take 1 cup of wheat for germination, sprout it (rinse, fill a day with clean water, and then expand the grain on a flat surface and the top cover with a wet cloth, follow to ensure that the fabric does not dry up completely, seedlings usually appear by 2 days), and then grind (better get on the grinder) and mix with 1 cup Rye flour, peeled (if it does not, then you can take a simple wheat flour), adding a little water to make paste. There also put 2 table. spoons of sugar. Then, this slurry must cook, stirring in a saucepan over low heat for about 1 hour to mush was a dark and sticky (like gruel from soaked in boiling black bread). After this shift it into a clean pan and put in a warm place for 1-2 days to mess TURNED. When it turns sour, then there bubbles on the surface and the distinctive smell of fresh bread kvass. After zakisaniya porridge to increase the mass of the leaven, we must add to the pot 1-1,5 st. flour (preferably rye-peeled), a little water and sugar 1-2 tbsp. spoon, and knead so that got the dough, not too liquid and not thick, it all over again should be put overnight in a warm place, and in the morning it is already possible to take part in this yeast bread, and the rest in the refrigerator. There's sourdough too slowly sours, so every time they take from the leaven of bread, there have to fill up flour and add water and sugar to ferment continued to exist. Now her have all the time to keep in the refrigerator. She lifted it slowly, using new flour and sugar.

2) baking bread

Take ferment so much so that it is 1 / 4 - 1 / 3 of the amount that you want to bake the dough, and add back the necessary amount of flour and water, respectively, sugar and salt, for example, this ratio - 1 / 2 - 2 / 3 cup. yeast, 2 stack. Flour (wheat flour, if you want a white bread or rye if you want to bake black) 1 / 2 cup. water, 3 / 4 tsp salt, 1.5 tablespoons sugar. The dough is well mixed in the bowl of a spoon to avoid lumps, for consistency, it should resemble the elastic yeast dough, not too hard, but not liquid. Then we must take the form (preferably a thick-walled small saucepan), lubricate it with oil, put back the dough top level the spoon, and then smooth out the wet hand to make a smooth top future bread, you can still butter to grease afterwards.

form must be large enough that the dough can rise and double in size, not getting out while out of shape. This form of the test in a warm place for 2-3 hours to to rise. Once it rises, put it in the oven for the slowest fire in 2-2,5 hours. If the form is high, but narrow, the bread should be even 3:00 to grilled. And if the dough into a low, but wide frying pan, then it can be done and for 1,5 hours baking. Check the readiness of the old baking proven way - if the piercing test, a thin stick or spokes on it remains sticky dough, so it is not yet propeklos and bread is not ready, but if nothing sticks in the kitchen hovering aroma of fresh bread, so it's ready. After baking nice to leave the bread to cool in the oven, then it is uniformly cool, well then pulled out of shape. If you do not have time, we must take the form of bread from the oven, cover it with a damp towel and leave for 20-30 minutes, and then you can extract it from the mold, cut, praise God and to enjoy what he has sent.

To improve the taste of bread, the dough can be added spices that you like, such as coriander, cinnamon, cumin, etc. And you can add various cereals (oats, 2x-, 3x-, 4x-grain), dried milk, bran, nuts, dates, raisins and whatever your heart desires. Versions of this bread you can think of many - try, experiment, it is surprising their loved ones.

Who prevents us to verify this information? And make bread or other baked goods on the proposed yeast or leaven, which are accessible to us, or more like them?

source - http://www.hlebmash.ru/rec_hlebe5.htm

Good article and relevant. It confirms that everything is connected ... Some have poison in the name of profit, others try to soften these attacks on our bodies and very fine, I have a company like Whole Wellness Club , with its products.

course, there are many alternatives one described above, the other, just do not eat vypichku of these yeasts in the food, but to whom it suits, others do not want anything to know, read and listen, I just drink our tea HOLY and other products of the Company and prikrasno, thus, feel, and what you want!


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