Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Long Will My Face Be Swollen After A Filling

Хорошая жена - спасение жизни.

All men are proud of their children. A selfish some men is so great that they are proud of even their wives.

Hello dear readers!

So I am proud of my wife! Why driving Blog on Health, to develop an online business to business in MLM, laying out positions on a particular aktualnom my vision of various problems, I'm not there, and retreat from the direct use of my blog.

Yes, simple, life is diverse and fixate on a single Health boring, although it is very important.

Today I received offer support magnificent project .

Attention, attention, attention!

«I, together with announces the most exciting competition this year - «girl blogger 2010!»

you blogger? Do you have a girlfriend / wife?

Show it to us and get a great amount of traffic to your blog, as well as a chance to win:

1 place - 1000 $

2 place - 500 $

3 place - 250 $

It may participate girl or woman bloggers (see rules ...)

When a family of noisy quarrel
wife is wrong,
about it later in his memoirs
скорбит прозревшая вдова.

И. Губерман

                                                               Well here is a joke
now directly about my favorite, of my beloved wife and not repeatable! Meet Tatiana, the mother of our son, loving and devoted woman, keeper of the hearth, the business, with an active lifestyle woman. Positions of responsibility, Head. inventory of finished products, the largest in our city enterprise "Moldavcabel" one of the subsidiaries' Sevkabel with headquarters in St. - Petersburg.

This is the graduation of our son. Finished high school and currently have passed exams and enrolled students in Moscow Energy Institute.

That's the one with the left, it's me, your gracious servant.

will continue the short story, about his wife, in a variety of pictures from our life. Photos, professional Of course, talking about life, sometimes more than you can write about them. I am not a professional, so do not obesudte.

this picture I printed out and placed in a frame. Now it catches the eye on kamode.

Job, and have a rest.


Вот такая моя женщина.

Хороший брак покоится на таланте к дружбе.
                                                                          Friedrich Nietzsche

Can you tell us about your precious half??


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