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Где раздобыть денег?

"Internet and Network Marketing

today are the wave of the future!

There is no more powerful

combination to build a business,
than "marriage" High Technology

and close contact. Why?

because it gives you the opportunity to

more and better use one

thing that nobody has

more than others - TIME! "

John Milton Fogg

I will help you to look with new eyes at old things. How long have you wondered: "Why do things go exactly as is? Why does not change anything? »

As in the old song: dawn-dusk, dawn-dusk, dawn-dusk. ... Look back many years have passed, and I'm there. Just recently, it was summer and now autumn. Do not have time oglyunutsya, and already the New Year. Recently ran a school and have children and grandchildren are running around ...

moment comes, and finally, we stop and reflect. And we see you need something to do with it, so you can not live any longer! Zhin passes us ...

Some people go to change their lives in the area, while others quietly languish life smeryayas with reality, others are trying though, what is the change in your life.

The situations are different: got laid off, the employer reduced wages, there is need for major purchases, children have grown up and have to pay for higher education, and more.

In all these cases rises the same question: "Where can I get money, how you can earn, not zagnuvshis on two or three jobs?»

Let's think about this issue. Operating on 8/10/1912 hours a day, you can earn some money, it's real, it might be, and will cover some of your needs, possibly all at the moment ... Well tomorrow? What will happen to you tomorrow? Your needs?

These earned your money will be spent very quickly and a new round, resonant Duma, where earn? Resonant "rat race" of salaries, to advance to advance to the patch ... Squirrel in a cage continues his tireless running. How long??
I want to say that the wages not enough to fill all your needs: good clothes for the whole family, car, good housing, education for children, gifts, entertainment, vacation in exotic countries and so on. That is, the salary is not enough to get you in no need.

agree that when enough money, you feel confident. Of course, There are problems and people with more money. (Where they spend or invest) We are not going to touch this, we have another problem. But still, let the money will be a lot!
Let them attack us, and we wake up from them to fight back!
I think you will agree with me!

Now let's find a way out from a financial disadvantage. Where and how can you earn? Today we have the privilege: we have the Internet. Internet - is an inexhaustible source of income. Only need a good search.

There are many options for earning online. I do not consider myself an expert in this field. But some types of earnings the internet can I call you, do not dwell on them in detail.

Reading Mail.

Displaying banners on your site (if you have it, of course).

Payment for registration.

fee for surfing.

Financial pyramids of sending money to the purses.

Online Casino.

Remote Work - Freelance.

Partnerships program (if you have a website).

Auction e-bay (e-BEI)

Currency Trading in the Forex market.

online stores.

sale of their information goods.

But there is another kind of earnings on the Internet. This network marketing , MLM. No, Fin pyramid, namely, network marketing, with real products and with real wages. Let's look at this earnings details.

What is Network Marketing? Here's what to say about this notion of a free encyclopedia - Wikipedia.

Projectors Marketing - a way of promoting goods and services from producer to consumer through the creation and expansion homogeneous network of sales points.

If the role of point of sale is an individual, the basis of its activities are usually direct sale or trade raznosnaya.

In the case of direct sales of information by using the tips - oral or written advice, based on its own favorable reviews on the product and addressed to a specific person or group of persons.

That's how it interprets the concept of Wikipedia. If In simpler terms, the information about goods and services the company is spread from person to person, without intermediaries. And one more feature - an extension of network members, in the words of Wikipedia.

Let us consider the example of how this works. Suppose a young man bought a great cell phone and boasted to his friend's purchase. In this case, he showed a friend all the advantages of its new phone, and unlike other models.

And he just going to buy a phone, but so far undecided. What do you think he will buy a phone? That's right - the same.

Or another example. Girl made his great stylish haircut. This hairstyle really liked her friend. A friend found out where and who did it so beautifully cut. And, naturally, went to get a haircut to the same master.

What was that in both these cases? It was a report of information about goods and services from one person to another. Do you understand now that is a network marketing?

I want to ask you a question. Company to sell mobile phones pay that guy for advertising and subsequent sale of its goods? Or barbershop owner has paid the first girl for advertising and subsequent sale of services? That's right, no one paid.

And in network companies precisely because of this and get paid. Network companies sell their product this way. Tell me the number of sold goods and services will depend on the number of people who make these sales? The answer is, yes.

This means that apart from sale of goods and services, care must be taken to increase the network sold. Your earnings will depend on the size of the network.

order to achieve success in any business, you need to learn this. Network marketing is no exception. To succeed in sales, you need to learn to sell. To build a large network, you need to learn to invite people into the company.

This is a huge issue and we now not be able to discuss it. I only want to tell you that many millionaires have earned their millions just in network marketing.

also want to show some advantages in network marketing in comparison with the traditional work on the employer.

you are working on themselves, rather than his uncle.

You have your time at their discretion.

not have to get up this morning an alarm clock, throwing her home and family and flee to work.

do not need to please superiors, become his own boss.

you do not come home from work tired, both physically and emotionally.

get to spend more time on myself personally.

get to spend more time on his family.

Receive opportunity to travel.

can buy anything you want.

can arrange for children in the best private school.

can pay higher education for their children.

Get personal growth.

gain many friends.

Grow your credibility you assert.

money credited to your plastic card.

rent money in any ATM worldwide.

You can work in any the world where there is Internet access.

And a lot of things, all impossible to list, and not worth it. Everyone has their own zamorochki and their gadgets!

I think that now you have something to think about. I think that this will not end and you begin to explore this topic further. As you know, who are looking for, he finds it.

I wish you every success in your quest to become financially independent!

PS «There will never be a fair wind sailing ship, who does not know to which bank it stick. "

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