Saturday, August 7, 2010

Minnie Birthday Wording

Делюсь Позитивом!

Hello dear friends!

Well, at the end of it all behind!

It's time to share our joy with you, my readers, my colleagues and the whole world to boot!

But poporyadku ... These three summer months were marked by important for me personally and my family events. The first thing that happens is our son, Tom, graduated from the Theoretical Lyceum our city \u200b\u200band the second in July, I visited the city with his son - the hero of Moscow.

clear that we arrived there not on tour. We came to do! We came to conquer the capital's universities!

course stretches the truth a little excursion all the same there. To be in Moscow and visit Red Square, but and some other famous places ... It's just sacrilege would have been on our side.

My son.

Moscow - a huge metropolis. I frankly pleased at how much cleaner was a neat city, compared to when I was there last time.

Many thanks to our Moscow friends, my classmate Igor Bereyshiku and his wife, Svetlana, who gladly and cordially received us at the time of admission.


So how do we came from the former Soviet republics of Transdniestria, our state CSE for the Russian Federation is not acceptable, it was necessary to take the Russian EGE main subjects.

And this is me and Igor, my classmate and great friend. More than 30 years, we maintain our friendships

So, August 6, all excitement over! The official website of MEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute) posted a full list of students enrolled at the 1 - year student full-time budget form of learning.

Hurrah! among the students and the name of our son!

Congratulations, Artyom, our son, the successful arrival in the Moscow Energy Institute! Good luck and patience on the road to knowledge!

Father, mother, grandmother.


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