Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Интернет... Какую нишу выбрать для заработка?

Hello Friends!

My Subscribers and readers, friends and acquaintances often ask this, their concerns, the question: "Viktor, you are doing business on the Internet, you've found your niche. A What, in your opinion, the most profitable niche in the Internet? "and many other issues in business over the Internet ... I have no surprise questions such direction in recent years they have asked me hundreds, maybe thousands. Many people I have helped define their position on the Internet, others have become my partners in Business, and others just took food for thought ...

But back to our main question, the answer is not very easy. Consider, for example, production and trade of arms, of course, a very profitable niche. Relatively low competition, but to master this niche, you must be at least very rich and influential, and rotate in certain political circles.

There are niches that for most people, seem strange and not less so in They earn their money. Who is making dresses out of gum wrappers and sells them, others do fine gum panels, others paint an elephant's trunk, and many other all sorts of crazy ideas are profitable to their ideological inspiration.

Of course these are examples of exceptional ideas, but this is an example of how successful projects bring tens of thousands of dollars a month.

How to find your profitable niche?

This is a very multi-faceted issue. One article on him not to answer. I just write to begin. To begin, start with yourself, beloved! And do not waste time looking for "a profitable niche." This is incorrect. Wrong, because that brings earnings alone, completely destroy the other.

example, to open their business on selling oil and gas or, for example, helicopters, business - class, not the fact that you will be successful and you'll pull loot shovel. This business is built largely on acquaintance with the influential and wealthy businessmen in your own reputation. Big business is not to buy advertising, and on the recommendations of its attorneys in the cases of friends and acquaintances. It is clear that the scope of their communication not comparable with the range of communication simple layman.

Therefore the correct approach to choosing a niche - it is to answer the question "How do I make a profit with my favorite things? "Making money is where you're not ready to apply their efforts - it's just a waste of their time. Success still will not. First need to look within yourself, seek what is best you get and the found the idea of \u200b\u200bturning in the money.

month ago, I looked Videoseminar Robert Kern called the Core Influence. This small but very powerful seminar, where Frank talks about how to live and work just to have fun. One of the exercises of the seminar was a task to build your perfect day. That is, take a pen and paper and write out in detail how you can be honorable to yourself, how would you like spend your perfect day in my life.

This exercise is incredibly strong disclose your soul and your potential. As soon as you see from a third party its day, then immediately change much in your head. You begin to clearly understand where to go and what to do in order to become perfect yourself.

Make it is right now and see the result. You can unsubscribe later in the comments. I think many would be interested.

done? Congratulations! The first (and most important step) in your life you made. You know exactly what you want out of life! It's worth a lot!

Just remember the old adage: "road by walking". Whatever you do, if you're not madly in love, then adding a little marketing savvy you will become rich and successful!

«Tend things you love and you'll never have to work longer » and more " Success - it is when doing something!


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