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Заяви о себе в Интернет (11 интересных способов)

Есть разные способы заявить о себе в Интернете, merge, so to speak, in life the World Wide Web: chat rooms, bulletin boards, forums, the usual sites and social networks - it's all good. But, I think, most effective способ – завести свой блог ! Здесь вы можете рассказывать всему миру о чем угодно – о себе, новостях, технологиях, жизни, делиться мыслями и переживаниями, находить друзей и участвовать в обсуждениях разных проблем.

Фишка в том, что все люди разные, у каждого свои вкусы и предпочтения. Поэтому для разных людей в какой-то степени подходят те или иные платформы и онлайновые сервисы. Ведь, сколько людей, столько и мнений. Но как выбрать блого-хостинг, который будет подходить именно вам? Я попробую помочь в этом разобраться – просто, доступно и с юмором!

1. Вы фанат или поклонник компании Google, вас ну просто восхищает все, что ней связано. Кроме того, вы поклонник принципа хранения всех данных в одном месте и мгновенного доступа ко всем источникам из этого самого одного места. Фотки, документы, почта и прочие вспомогательные сервисы должны быть доступны по единому логину и паролю, при этом хорошо интегрированы друг с другом. Также вы очень хотите, чтобы ваш сайт как можно скорее был проиндексирован в поисковике Google. Самый верный способ достичь всего этого – завести блог на Конечно, существует небольшой нюанс в том, что Яндекс отнесется к нему слегка холодно. But if you do not understand in Russian – simply ignore this fact:)

2. То, где вы живёте, – все это уголки самой прекрасной страны на свете, в которой вы живете. В качестве домашней страницы однозначно установлен сайт В принципе, здесь тоже есть много всего интересного – фотки, деньги, почта, есть даже удивительная веб 2.0-ная социальная сеть, где можно найти своих одноклассников (чтобы поностальгировать), коллег по работе (чтобы не ходить в другую комнату), а также однокурсников (чтобы сходить на пиво). Кроме того, есть самый крутой поиск по русскоязычным блогам и форумам! Действительно найдется всё и все. Можно смело сказать – «Здесь русский дух, здесь Русью пахнет». И во всем этом многообразии не хватало только одного – супер модного сервиса to maintain personal blogs. More recently, this lack of fixed and now you can tell the world about yourself with

3 Dear friends, in this difficult for our country, I want to ask you a short speech. If you want to find yourself a personal page on the Internet but can not decide where exactly register, then I advise you to this site - one of the few independent Ukrainian blog-hosting service. There are certainly others, but their creators (large portals) without hesitation added a blog as one of their services, have done so primitive and as soon as possible.

It all really fashionable and glamorous, in the best tradition of foreign resources - new friends, your photos, communities of interest, the ability to customize your own design! In addition, there hang Star personalities such as Alain Vinnytsia, Mika Newton, Potap, Nastya Kamenskikh, Vitaly Kozlovsky, and many others. If you (God forbid) is their fans simply zovozv `knitted to create your own blog here - to be closer to them! Also, if you are really conscious Ukrainian, a patriot, and responsive to development of the Ukrainian segment of the global Internet community, it will declare itself together with the service Hiblogger - support domestic producers.

fourth If you are a representative of the Belarusian Internet and want to create your own personal page, the following information you will be helpful. Blogs on - it First Belarusian free service that allows anyone in a few minutes to open the Internet your own blog. a blog you can add any notes subjects - covering several topics (nature journal with thoughts and ideas of the author) or stvaryts fully themed blog. The site also has additional features - Catalogue of pictures, blog feed, the mechanism of RSS to notify readers about new articles. If you already have your own blog, you can register it in the first Belarussian directory blog in the BB. Express themselves through - Become the author of the blog right now - it's easy, fun and ... it's free! Welcome zaprashaem.

5. Residents of the rest of the world, too, should not be upset because there is a blog-hosting service for them. It's Livejournal (LJ of the people) - a truly international service, attended by an audience from different corners of the globe. Live Journal - it's one large online community, a place for self-expression and meeting new interesting people. Service has a wide range of opportunities - from design changes, inserting different kinds of media objects (photos, Video, widgets) to the systems of access rights to information and various types of notices. You all are happy with and admires? You a man ice commercials 25? Then, according to statistics of Yandex, you just have to express yourself online is to Learn.

6. Women and girls now begin to rebel - they say "that the discrimination, if the LJ, the 25-year-old man should be required?". Ladies, statistics do not lie! But I know the service with a blog especially for you - it From now on you will be able to record all their thoughts, feelings and emotions in the form of weblog entries. Often want something to tell, but worried that no one will hear. Or simply a need to speak out, express all that has accumulated, to share their experiences. Here you do not need to try someone like, the service quite a lot of caring and helpful people, you will find our readers and friends. By the same statistics, by the way, ¾ on this site you women. In general, the beautiful half of humanity, distract from domestic problems and worries, pause, eat Twix, sit in a chair, grab a laptop or keypad and the bragging rights on the Internet through the service

7. Let's see anyone Do not forget. Oh! For our young viewers, oh, more readers, I also have a tempting alternative proposal. If you are under 17 years of age, then here you will find 7082 already equal in age to you users if, before the 19-year, already more than 10 thousand. Approximately the same number of people here who are over 19 years. Apparently, on the right of the blog-hosting service may be the youngest. Number of features and capabilities, I confess, is also pleased impressed. Here you can do almost anything: a place information about yourself, resume, list of interests, music, quotes, videos, a collection of links and news broadcasts, create photo albums, blog entries, profile for dating, make friends, join the community. There is where imagination roam! In short, the ideal way to make themselves a huge youth audience Internet - to do this with

8. Blogs can start, not only in global services, and on a purely thematic. The latter option would allow significantly narrow the range of the reader, to share information with people who are really interested in the same things that you are, or have similar your goal. This could include many different divisions on issues - computers, games, movies, soccer, etc.

separate niche in the whole manifold take dating sites. They ceased to be a simple set of pictures with information about the user, gradually acquiring more and more services and opportunities. As you have guessed it comes to blogs. This will help you better describe myself as a person, let's find out more about your interests and worldview. Now dating is not blind selection of photographs and a selection of dried small description. A real opportunity to know a person closer. In general, if you crave new and exciting meet and socialize, find a friend, girlfriend or life partner, the best way to declare their intentions - Is to start a blog on the site Loveplanet.

9. There are people who do not spend a day without computers, the Internet and other amenities of Science and Technology progress. In principle, this progress in part and contribute. They proudly - IT Schnick (IT-Schnick). For a long time, they were doomed to wander on various services and blog-hosting services, their presence was seen on almost all of the above projects. But back in 2006 and came to their street holiday was created for the Habr! Each day, the site appears a large number of publications, articles and news on the topic of Internet business, web-development software industry trends in web-design, social phenomena of the Web - all those lives than modern IT Schnick. Here you can share your own work, projects, take part in exciting holivorah and no nothing bad to say - because there is normal! Feel like a "my", said the entire IT shnomu segment Internet about yourself - create a blog on Habrahabr.

10. One of the few sites that I've heard yet in the distant high school years - Then it was quite unique and useful resource that gives everyone to get a particular mailbox. Can you imagine, many formed a post in the last century! Sounds bright, agree. To date, much has changed in technology, including on Check it now after years of absence, you simply do not know - an abundance of services and options in every corner of your browser window. Amid all this, there are blogs. It seems to me to create their own pages here would be the ideal solution for people who value tradition and true resource for several years, or just for the lazy users who intend to visit the blog just a couple of once a month. After all, having your own account at, you without any additional registrations and settings can immediately write your notes! If you do this all goes well, then you are welcome to express themselves online using

11. And finally, the latest fashion - the most original and challenging - it StandAlone-blog. Typically, this option is well suited for advanced beginners or only moneymaker. If your head is spinning a lot of ideas and plans for making money on the World Wide Web, in the heart of the idea of \u200b\u200blive traffic web-bums, and next month you plan to earn income in the 5-10 thousand USD to a end of the year to save up for krartiru / car / villa - StandAlone what you need!

paying a small amount of domain and hosting, quickly put WordPress, burn flow FeedBurner and begin to "hack loot. When all goes well, you will certainly notice. Can you believe that you really have made themselves known on the Internet!

Thank you all for your attention, I hope you find here something interesting, useful or just fun for yourself. Advice given here is not a direct recommendations for action, but only to help thoughtful of those or other things.

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