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Google AdWords, что это за ресурс?

Contextual advertising

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising - is advertising on search engines and websites that show Only the group of users, kotorayainteresuet advertiser.
Contextual advertising allows you to clearly relate costs srezultatami: the customer pays only for those users kotoryekliknuli ad and went to his website.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWord - it's quick and easy sposobrazmescheniya advertising on Google, regardless of your budget. ObyavleniyaAdWords appear on search results pages in Google, as well as nasoderzhatelnyh and search sites in the growing network of Google, including AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks, and Blogger. Thanks ezhednevnovypolnyaemym search on Google or page impressions online Google, posted on the resource vashiobyavleniya Google AdWords will see a vast audience.

When you create an AdWords campaign targeting naklyuchevye words you choose keywords that will vyzyvatpokaz ad and specify the maximum amount you gotovyplatit each time someone clicks on your ad. Payment is made only in tomsluchae if someone clicks on your ad. To help vamsokratit costs, our AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the size of tsenyza click to the minimum necessary to vasheobyavlenie remained at the same place.

What is targeting?

Targeting - show advertising for target audience. variety of algorithms selected target audience and it shows targeted ads.

When you create an AdWords campaign targeting mestarazmescheniya you choose a specific content sites reklamyGoogle on which ad will appear, and ukazyvaetemaksimalnuyu amount you are willing to pay per click (CPC) ilitysyachu page impressions from the ad (CPM) on this site. Platavzimaetsya per-view ads. As for ads in key stargetingom words, our AdWords Discounter automatically snizhaetfakticheskuyu amount you pay to the minimum that will allow property to keep your place per page.

accommodation options

your messages with keywords will be displayed on Google and on Google.
• On the search results on Google ads next to search results or above.

• In Google network ads search sites isaytah content network, as well as other products iblogah. The Google Network is the largest advertising network on the Internet iohvatyvaet more than 86% of Internet users worldwide. Vymozhete be sure that Google AdWords will show your obyavleniyatselevoy audience.

Contextual advertising by Google enables sminimalnymi costs compared to traditional methods of advertising vofflayn or even with other types of online advertising, dobitsyamaksimalnogo effect.

But judge for yourself how advertising Googlevashego site differs from the usual value ways of advertising vasheykompanii. So, one minute infomercial on the air televizionnogokanala worth tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of content reklamyGoogle even for a whole year ahead is worth ten times less. A vedkontekstnaya ads on Google results in you just interested vvashih proposals Internet users.

course, given the focus of Google nazarubezhny segment of Internet advertising in Google okazhetmaksimalny effect on sales growth companies to link to your site, your product to your proposal, also aimed naeksport their products or to members of the global market. However ohvatkompaniey Google Russian Internet every year increases skazhdym year more and more Russians enjoy fast, convenient ikachestvennym search on Google for a particular purpose or poiskatovarov and services on the web. Therefore, advertising on Google today took the first position on the effectiveness of advertising companies on the Internet.

As already mentioned, the basic direction reklamyGugl - is the creation of advertising campaigns with Google Adwords. Taprostota, which helps to create an Adwords campaign, provided an impeccable work of hundreds of thousands of sites where budetrazmeschena content Google.

Advertising Google AdWords your ad will run 24 hours a day, 7 dneyv week without requiring you to any additional interventions!

Expand the number of its subscribers and readers of its resource using content advertising Google AdWords.


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