Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Tsubasa Shunraiki!★

OMFG! *____*
almost died here as promised:
Shunraiki # 1 RAW Tsubasa (view online)

And you'll find the links HERE DD. Thanks to
tsubasasyaoranlover for the link ^ ^

Now I can sleep peacefully now, now wait for fabsubs work their magic.

WARNING! Tsubasa SPOILER Shunraiki # 1
(What follows below is a summary of the ODA, especially for those who do not follow the manga, have an idea of \u200b\u200bwhat happens in the ADO. TO SEE THE SPOILER, STRESSES WITH CURSOR) .

From start, an unexpected (I had already accepted the fact that Celes not see anything) scene Celes, Celes being sealed, Ashura lying dead, Fye using her magic to help out of Celes, explaining to Syaoran Mokona to use the slope to get out of Celes .. even so the magic is insufficient to remove them all, then the scene of Kurogane and Fye *-*, who, seeing that they could not leave everyone tells Kurogane that go ... Kurogane then sacrificed his arm to be achieved so well <3.
Fye Kurogane wakes up and in Nihon, with Tomoyo at her side or received. As they talk, explained that she was the voice that told how to get to Fye, etc. .. Celes displayed some flashbacks in which we can see .. to Yuuy, killing Kurogane and Ashura.
Turning to another scene ... Fuuma comes with the arm for Kurogane (which consigio in Piffle cough cough xD) which is commissioned by Yuuko, Kurogane asks for payment, and Fuuma says that he has been agreed, then Fye, who explains that he is pay the price to Yuuko. Fye remove the magic of his eye, which becomes golden (vampire *-*), he explains that this is due to his magic relapse in the blue of his eyes, and gives a mokona to be given to Yuuko payment. Mokona he argues that without the magic die, but he tells her that not to happen, because of his vampire blood. Seishiro
arrives and attacks Fye, after noting that no longer has magic, but another new power, it is because of vampire blood (Kamui). Seishiro question about the whereabouts of Subaru Kamui, and Fye says they met with them in Tokyo, Seishiro asks if still there, and tells Fuuma they have gone there. Then comes the fight between Seishiro and Syaoran by the pen, Sakura in the dream, with Watanuki. Fye
tells Tomoyo that Nihon reach, could not feel the power of Yumemi of Tomoyo, and she says that is because like him, she gave her power to Yuuko as payment, in the end it is discovered that Fye Wang Fei desire is the same as that of the; The revive a person. This ADO concludes with Syaoran scene, entering the dream that are Sakura and Watanuki and Syaoran Clone finally appears also. FIN

spoiler ..


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