Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mind If I Watch You Masterbait Poster

bye,bye 2008!★

The last day of 2008!
scares me and it's really scary to think about how time passed so flash D:

in 2009 is coming and I even more frightening, hate it, but things are so time is something that can not be stopped, _, and everything is nimodo. The

3:03 a.m. and my cousin and I (both shivering from the cold) watching the last ep RAW Junjou xD, and previous subs, is that your pc is in the room and only at this time was that we could see Junjou sneak xD (I'm such a good influence xD). Enfin Bleeh tmb look at the RAW the last Vampire, uu all duuh, but it was expected they would have to improvise a churro and ekis final, igualquierosubspronto xD.

Asdfsdf extranio my house, my dogs, my wichii, my room and all the dudes so bad; _;, but being with my primiachiis tmb rocks ^ ^. Weekend

anions, pro Have fun and remember not to eat things xD extranias Feli


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