Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best Boat Ulphostery Fabric 2010


or more pro today.

Asdashjfd Karen! pendejisimaaa saw you today! ;___; Was well as the most pro xD our unexpected meeting. Asdhasgd malll missed you, to enough I was not looking, hahaha it was great to remember the moments of high school desmadrosisimos; _; not, and think that faltabamos enough to school that gave webisima go and so far xD raaawr, to miss the jetas of the teachers x3. And also strange disease, and Oscar Naye annoy sadashg xD
But soon xD vagaciones who are all gay inn will make a super wii.

Well now the ugly part of the case xD. Confirmed
, married Miyano-kun (my favorite seiyu my platonic love xD) and his now wife is expecting a baby (clever girl, lured him into it xDDD).
Comosea, Miyano rocks! and remains the best seiyu, and my favorite ♡ ♥. Just hope
see photo damn lucky xD.

This sunny, yet another factor to be of good ^ ^.

* Flee *


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