Monday, January 12, 2009

Curry Chicken Calories Chinese


2009 in the blink of an eye D:

Purposes? Baah, none of that, one should aim to accomplish something when in fact they so wish, without having to wait for the new year.

Wishes? bleeh, nothing special .. That
post more vid ¬ ¬ sleeves, which has much yaoi for 2009 *-* ("Hear my prayer holy mother of yaoi xD xD <-frase by Korkii) mas libros interesantes, muchas galletas *-*, vivir en el polo norte con los penguins, renos y foquitas wii xD, Descubrir Nuncajamas? xD y que Obama haga algo por la feosa guerra u_u.

But the latest is really seriously u_u.
very Pro
As these days and so *-* *-* nubladoso


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