Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terminix Powder Poison


And no hangover ¬ ¬.
That was barely a Baileys and a Pina colada. Bleeeh!

not this week no Tsubasa, Ouran scanlations nor even. And I have weba, Sundays are always weba-w.

ASDASFDS sii: l, and on Thursday I started reading "Kiss Me Princess (Boy Princess)" a manhwa *-* SHONEN-AIOs that I liked it so far (I'm on volume 5 of 9), but that DSPU speak when you are finished reading it.

today I wanted to make a new lay, but the weba is powerful, and besides I have not inpiracion right now ^ - ^ U. Comosea, then it will be .. baah weba had to write and I think I ended up writing a lot (?).

I'm going to see Ned marathon xD manual.

Ps. I want a Shahi, or Jed <3


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