Saturday, May 28, 2011

Different Types Of Labis


Edward and John Grimes members of the rap duo Jedward Irish have offered an interview in which Tokio Hotel mentioned again, this time expressed as follows:

"We want succeed in the world "

FOCUS ONLINE: know Tokio Hotel?

JOHN: (Singing "Running Through the monsoon ...")

EDWARD: They are twins, we are twins. Many of our fans are fans of Tokio Hotel. Now we're here in Germany, I would really like to know.

JOHN: We have bought her albums. They have very good songs. I love "Automatic."

BOTH (Sing "Automatic" and know the full letter.) EDWARD

: remember his performance at the MTV European Music Awards, and as the rain fell on them. That was really cool. And Bill has a great hair!

JOHN: Twins Tokio Hotel appear to be very different compared with us: one has a style tower, the other has dreadlocks. One twin sings, another plays guitar. Instead we are really twins.


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