Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Want a date with Bill Kaulitz? Find out what you like

The Tokio Hotel are in the preparation of what will be his new album, which some say will be called "Dark Anthems", which they rarely get much information about Bill Kaulitz and other components of the German group, who are now living in America. What has so far been told is that the disc may be recorded only in English, a fact that so far has not liked many fans of Tokio Hotel.

But among other things we wanted to remember some secrets of the Bill that you probably know and if you do not know, for I showed them to find out.

Did you know that Bill Kaulitz hates chocolate? This is one of the curiosities that the singer had hidden but it was revealed some months ago and honestly it's very rare that a person does not like chocolate, because I hate Bill, another curious fact is that you are allergic to mosquito bites and to apples. So if one day you have an appointment with Bill do not you dare bring a dessert apple or want to give a chocolate for sweetness because it would very bad move.

What I will suggest is that you wear very high heels and the young more than 1.90 meters high and attempting to kill any mosquitoes that approach you, remember that you are allergic, and if you put music, try to is Green Day, Coldplay, Keane and Placebo or Nena and who are your favorite artists.

The pasta is your favorite dish to finish, what you can offer Bill Kaulitz is a mint tea and put on TV on "Prison Break", and which has said it is one of the preferred.

Perhaps these data do you conquer the youngest of the Tokio Hotel in a romantic night and I hope you do not forget the data that you're taking to make your dream come true. Good luck.


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