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Butal Apap 325 Caff And Migranes

Разрешите себе мечту

Talk about what you want. To start a small parable:

boss calls up to his one employee, the hardest-working and disciplined.
- Let's dear sir, walk away, on the one lawn and talk.
- you, our company has already worked for 20 years. You appreciate the leadership and colleagues,
your boss responds about you only positively and if you continue to be so in good faith to work for a company, I want to please you!
- Look at the beautiful hillside villa, It will be my!

no comment ...

Will the happy man, if he carries someone else's dream, to the same daily and hopeless? Probably not!

Will the happy man, if exercised their desire? Most likely, yes.

Why does the same action in one case, make us happy, and in another - No?

's all about desire. Nature gives us a desire, a desire - it is energy for action!

And if we have the desire, then - we have a surplus of energy for action. Realizing this energy, one experiences the state of satisfaction or happiness. If a man desire the energy is not realized, then the state of happiness does not test.

How many people live and work, not because they wish to do so, but because it's so necessary? Catching up with what is necessary, they do not feel happy and become unhappy people.

But they certainly have the desire or at least we were children. Why did they not carry them? Most often, people stupidly does not allow this currently.

usually occurs in the following form:

- "I do not want change"
- "You can live and so"
- "I do not know how to change"
- "For me it unrealistic ".
-" In our city it is impossible to "
-" In our country it is impossible ".
-" In this work a different way does not happen ".
-" When an authority to me to change anything impossible ".
And lots of different excuses for not giving the man to break the stereotype of thinking and social behavior

All such phrases are reduced to explaining why I can not carry out his desire or his dream.

But questions can be put in another way:

- "What do I need to change so for me it was real? "
-" As in our country, I can make this possible? "
-" What can I change in my life that my circumstances have changed? "
- "What can be done with the existing power to change my life?"

All who have achieved success in this life, knew exactly what they want, and worked to achieve its goal. Without a goal, to do anything impossible. Before it was the action was the goal. Even before the goal was a dream and desire.

Successful people are different that allow myself to think that their desire to implement and go to their desire putting all their strength. A good and very clear example is the athletes. Look on them, which of them became the Olympic champion, if they did not set your goals, if they did not have desires and dreams?

One leader told me about MLM the story of one of his partner: my friend found out that, in general, can be conceived to carry out any purpose, he immediately wrote to his paper: "buy 4 - room flat! "And then he lived in a 2-room, and the money is not something that a 4 - bedroom, but even on a 3-room apartment he almost was not. But he was on - apparently very much needed was 4 - room apartment. He had a great desire! He went to bed, reading his goal, and woke up again, re-read your goal. Soon he is able buy 3-room apartment for the price of its 2-room. But in his new 3-room flat large room had 2 windows. He puts the barrier as a result of receiving 4-room apartment for the price of its 2-room! "

He was lucky: he had no" to explain the popularity, that in our country, under our conditions, it is impossible. He was not who are not told what kind of transmission seen on TV in 1997, he allowed himself to live not so, as advised pigweed Bath. He just did it!

Another parable:

... In one village the flood. All residents began to leave their homes to avoid death. Running past the church, they saw that the priest not to not going, they call it with: "Holy Father to go, the water is coming!"
- "No, thank you, my children, all right, God will save me!"
water continues to come and has already splashed on the steps of the parish.
sail by people in the boat and saw the priest offered him a place in the boat.
- "No, thank you, my children, all right, God will save me! "
Water continued to arrive, and reached the roof of arrival.
flew to the village priest, saw an eagle on the roof and asked him to move it on the hill away from water.
- "No, thank the good bird, all right, God will save me!"
When the priest was already neck-deep in water, it floated past the log.
He pushed him away, saying - "No, all right, God will save me!"
After half an hour, the priest appeared before God.
"Father, I'm up to my last breath believed in you, then you will save me!
Why did you leave me? Lord?! "
" No, my son, I was always with you! I sent the people that you went with them, but you refused to go!
- I sent a boat to rescue you, but you refused to sit in a boat!
- I sent an eagle to you for salvation, but you refused to fly with him!
- Finally, I sent you a log for salvation, but you pushed him off!
- I was always with you, so what do you blame me?

What makes these stories? Just because one person Allow yourself to the implementation of their dreams, and the second - no.
If Nature gives us the desire to do something, something to have, she is interested in this and we will be in this help. Arriving in network marketing, you can achieve everything you want, if you allow yourself to think that this is possible.

Allow yourself to DREAM - and Nature help!

In addition, advise to listen Vadim Zeland

and you, everything in this life, you get!

Transerfing Reality. Part 1.


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